When Essentient Association Management was founded over sixteen years ago the owner wanted to give it a name that would be unique but meaningful.

Essentient is an amalgam of two words – essential and sentient.

Es·sen·tial (əˈsen(t)SHəl/) is an adjective that means absolutely necessary; extremely important.
We at Essentient believe that our company is essential to the growth, success and sustainability of our association clients.
Sen·tient (sen(t)SH(ē)ənt/) is an adjective that means able to perceive or feel things.
Because of our vast experience working with dozens of trade and professional associations, we know and understand how these organizations work, function and thrive. And, as volunteers working in the not-for-profit space, we have insights into what it is to contribute personal time to make a difference.
Essentient (əˈsen(t)SH(ē)ənt) – its not just the name of our company, it is who we are.