When seeking an Association Management Company (AMC) volunteer-run organizations need to be able to distinguish between an association management company and an association administration company. There is a big difference.

According to the American Society of Association Management (ASAE), an association management company is a for-profit company that offers a wide array of services in support of nonprofit organizations. These customized services span all domains of association management, from executive management, membership support,and accounting to meetings management, lobbying, and technology services—and much more.
As a full-service AMC, Essentient Association Management fits this description.
AMCs should not be confused with Association Administration Companies (AAC) which may only provide secretariat services, event and back office support but don’t have the capacity or depth of  expertise to provide membership development, marketing & communications delivery and executive/strategic management.
Full-service association management companies are a better investment in the long run than association administration companies.