The staff at Essentient Association Management take their roles seriously and are always seeking ways to assist our clients in being more effective, efficient and innovative. This is what drives us every single day.

Doing a great job takes more than just know how and a commitment to service. It also involves taking the time outside of work to add to our professional tool boxes with new knowledge and skill sets.

We know our client associations value professional development and so do we, which is why we are committed to enhancing our own knowledge so that we can be better association executives and event planners.

  • Four of our staff are getting in-depth training in Microsoft 365 including Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint;
  • Three of our staff are pursuing their Digital Event Strategist (DES) designation;
  • Two of our staff have started their Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation;
  • One of our staff is working towards her Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Designation.

We will keep you posted on our progress.