Our company…

Core Values

Essentient core values provide the lens through which all of our work and performance is executed and assessed. Our core values challenge us, strengthen our resolve and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Innovative Ideas

We will never accept the status quo. Considering people, process and technology, we continuously seek ways to raise the bar and help our association clients attain their goals.

Customer Focussed

Essentient believes in a culture that honours the association/AMC partnership. This translates into mutually responsive, supportive and respectful connections.

Success Factors

Essentient is a small company that punches above its weight in all areas of association management. A leader in the AMC space, Essentient is well respected in the association management company and association sectors

Our services…

We focus on four key areas:

Strong Administrative Leadership

Our foundation of experienced leadership will work for you, making meetings more efficient, board operations smoother, and membership more valuable for your members

  • Executive Director Services – Whatever the size of your association, we have experience providing leadership and board management services, including governance development and orientation, to help associations grow and learn.
  • Strategic Planning – Boards develop the “what” and we create the “how.” Strategic plans should not be gathering dust and we make sure that they remain as living documents that guide the organization at a high level.
  • Membership – Management of membership renewal, recruitment, and retention.
  • Sponsorship – We support in securing sponsors, managing payment, and delivering on advertising exposure to build value for your stakeholders.

Communications, Relationship Building, & Events

We pride ourselves on our time-honoured and tested systems that enable our staff to execute in person and virtual events with great results.

  • Education – From seminars and panels to conferences, we’re experienced in bringing personal & professional development into the networking world
  • Galas and Trade Shows – Effective planning of small and large scale events, from the smallest details to the high level objectives for your association.
  • Golf Tournaments & Sporting Events – Bringing social activities and networking together, our expertise will make your association’s events memorable.
  • Leveraging Technology – We manage your events using intuitive online registration, video creation and virtual delivery platforms.


Financial Planning & Management

We work with your Board and Financial Committees to administer funds, manage expenditures, and free up your resources to make running your association easier.

  • Budgeting – Preparation of comprehensive budgets and securing adequate funding for operations.
  • Accountability – Ensure that the organization is legislation compliant, and that sound book-keeping and accounting procedures are followed.
  • Reporting – Comprehensive, regular reporting on revenues and expenditures

Marketing & Advocacy

Our experienced staff boast years of marketing and advertising know-how, and offer a full suite of services to build value for your members while taking your message to the forefront.

  • Website Services – From web design and creation to ongoing management, we offer a true full service solution.
  • Digital Presence – Social media is our specialty, promoting traffic to your website while supplementing marketing initiatives to build value for your members, both current and prospective
  • Creative Writing and Design – Our staff have years of advertising and marketing experience, bringing vibrancy to your messaging.
  • Advocacy – From grass-roots lobbying campaigns and correspondence to the development of databases to support those activities, we take your objectives where they need to go.

Our team

Essentient is a family enterprise! Research shows family businesses promote goodwill and trustworthiness with their clients.

We can certainly attest to that. While some AMCs experience a high rate of staff transiency, Essentient prides itself on maintaining a stable team, ensuring consistency and continuity for our clients.

Our team (of family members, and those who are like family) is strongly supported in ongoing professional development pursuits by belonging to the Canadian Society of Association Executives, Meeting Professionals International, the Association Management Company Institute and the American Society of Association Executives.

Constance Wrigley, CAE, DES

Constance Wrigley, CAE, DES


Jennifer Murray, DES

Jennifer Murray, DES

Executive Director

John Thomas

John Thomas

Director of Marketing & Communications

Brynne Wrigley, DES

Brynne Wrigley, DES

Director of Events

Heidi Loney, DES

Heidi Loney, DES

Executive Director

Karen Hauser

Karen Hauser

Association Coordinator

AMC first…

Unlike many Association Management Companies who are either secretariat or event companies first, Essentient is an AMC first and provides full-service management to each one of its valued clients. From governance to finance, marketing communications to events, and membership development to technology, our experienced and strategic team of association professionals has every one of your organization’s needs covered.

Essentient has memberships with the following organizations:


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